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"Always believe something wonderful is about to happen".

My first Designer Shoes

        Of course almost all the girls love shoes! who doesn’t? Besides Cinderella is proof that a new pair of Shoes can change your life. I started to collect mine about 4 yrs ago, it’s probably because of my job as a model because I needed it. But it’s not like bags that girls normally dream of having a designer one, that’s why I have lots but never thought of buying an extra expensive one.I think the most pricy shoes I have are from Aldo, Guess & Nine West.  

       Until one day I was walking at the mall and saw this sparkling high heels shoes in Jimmy Choo. I doubt to go inside the store because I knew for sure that if I’m gonna like it, it’s not gonna be cheap but I still looked.

So this is the Store look like in Jimmy Choo Paragon Singapore


   So there’s 2 design that I laid my eyes on, it was both in champagne color it’s the Vamp & Linda.

Left: Vamp / Right: Linda

I was really confused, what I should get? the Vamp looks more sexy to me since its strappy but I think I would wear Linda often because of it’s simpler style. so I tried both shoes but I was having a problem of fitting esp in vamp for my feet, I am in size 37 but it seems too tight and size 38 is too loose. 

This is my IG picture comparing both of the style.


I can’t really decide what I really like so I decided to leave the store first and think about it for a night, I was googling pictures of both style and w/c celebrities wore it and I saw  Kate Middleton wearing the Vamp style and Zooey Deschanel wearing the Linda style, ugh! it’s both pretty 


   the next day I just found out that they don’t have my size anymore for the Vamp style ( I actually decided to pick the Vamp) :( 

But they introduced me to this New Arrival, It’s actually kinda mix of both style of Vamp & Linda and it’s comfortable to walk with as well the name of design is KUKI and finally I bought it!. 


The Kuki style, color is Light Bronze and Antique lame glitter, it’s a peep toe platform sandals in this particular style I’m size 38 but usually I’m size 37. the heel height measures 115mm/4.5”

the website describe it as The double platform construction offers a modern and sophisticated silhouette. The narrower glossy platform contrasts against the lame glitter covering the straps. Kuki sandals are perfect for whirling you through summer’s social calendar

About the price I got it in $1,450 sgd. I also got a bit of tax refund at the airport I forgot how much though :/




Until now I don’t’ get to have a chance to wear this shoes yet, maybe because it is too dressy and I don’t have event to wear this for but I know one day I will be wearing this Cinderella shoes <3 

I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.
marilyn monroe
Words can break someone into a million pieces, but they can also put them back together. I hope you use yours for good, because the only words you’ll regret more than the ones left unsaid are the ones you use to intentionally hurt someone.
taylor swift

How I became a Model

  Since I was young I’ve always think what would I be when I grow up, I wasn’t the pretty one or even the smart one in school, I think nobody takes me seriously but I’m always eager to try new things out of my unbelievable confidence I joined a lot of school activities dance,choir, cheerleading, pageants etc you name it haha. 

 So when I’m finally on my teenage years I had interest on reading diff magazines but FHM surely was my favorite I collected them, I don’t know why but I just like seeing how sexy & pretty the girls who pose for them but never crossed my mind that I’ll pose like them someday.

 In that time I was also into partying and enjoying meeting people. I also started to create my first Facebook account w/c is still same as what I have now ( I still can’t believe after all the hacking,disable,reports & all possible Facebook problems I still have this account until now) and by this Facebook I had connection w/ diff kinds of people and I had a chance to became friends w/ one of my favorite FHM model Paloma. So I stalked her facebook and look at all her pics I was so amazed.

   I also go to mall often in a photo studio where I get my picture taken I was doing it just to display it on my room and simply because I just love it! back to facebook, paloma posted one of her modelling pics and I super love it I saw the name of the photographer it was jong clemente and I added him, I don’t even know if he’s gonna accept my request or not but I did try anyways and he accepted it! I message him and ask about photo shoot so obviously he’s a pro photographer and do charge for shoot but he gave me discount, yay! So I had my first ever shoot w/ a pro photographer our first shoot was already sexy since I want like paloma’s sexy shoot concept.

So these are the pics from our photo shoot, my first ever sexy shoot.image



  I really liked how these photos turned out, I was kinda shocked that I actually did it! I guess it wasn’t that bad for a newbie like me. I was so happy finally another photo to put inside my room and to post on my Facebook for the first time haha. BUT! it actually did something BIG in my life.

  When Jong posted my pics on his social networking site and a famous professional photographer Jay Tablante saw my pics and he’s also a FHM photographer contacted me and asked me if I wanna do a photo shoot for FHM. I still remember how shocked I was like I don’t even know how to react, who I am to say No to him right? I was so happy and also nervous at the same time, I wasn’t a pro model I don’t even know If I can pose correctly plus its for a big magazine and another thing I was going to japan that time, they had the schedule of shoot one day before I fly to japan. we had the shoot like april 2010 but released august 2010, I was already in Japan the time it was released but of course my family sent a copy for me.

This is my first shoot for FHM magazine August 2010 issue and this is the link of my profile in FHM.!/image-0



 Like am I really FHM Model already? I cannot believe it that time!

I was in Okinawa Japan, I tired to do photoshoots and events there to boost my talent & confidence and to be a better model. 

These are some of my shoots in japan 


 This is FOX TV Japan summer event in Okinawa and they had audition for local models there and I was picked :)


I came back for vacation in Philippines and I did another FHM stint this time it was the FHM 100% Hottie that was released in fhm website february 2011. this is the link to it


In march 2011 I came back to Philippines for good and I continued modelling here, I am a freelance model so I don’t have agency handling me I don’t know why but I guess managing myself works better for me, I also did shoots in other countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. 

this is from my FHM Indonesa appearance april 2012 issue.


My advice for aspiring models out there never stop believing in yourself , if you know  that you have potential work on it! and when you get there be humble & thankful. 

And that’s it for this blog about how I became a model.

Thank you for reading!